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What to say? I'm the least qualified of anyone to comment on myself. I doubt there is an authority on me, it's not a highly rewarding job. In any case, my life is a chaotic mix of experiences. I am not remotely near the person I was a few years ago, and I feel as though I'm constantly changing yet. Constant change is more attractive to me than the living death of regulated boredom by a highly predictable life behaviour.

So is that all I can say about myself? That I'm in a constant flux of imbalance? Perhaps that is more apt a description that I care to admit. Needless to say, I have not always written poetry or viewed the world as I do now. I began writing poetry in earnest in 1998 as a means of release to emotions with which I could not cope. I have been writing ever since. Long stretches used to go by between my spurts of writing, but recently I write a few a week or sometimes a few a day.

I do not pride myself highly on my writings. They are amateur, though I do feel that I am improving through time and practice. The only purpose to poetry is to touch another person, so I can only hope that at least one of my poems accomplishes that goal. Enjoy my poetry if you can, do not analyze it or try to understand my life from it. Perhaps you can apply bits of it towards your own life and our shared experience will bring comfort.