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Funnel 101 (9:00:33 PM): hallo
StrykerX0 (9:00:47 PM): 'allo
StrykerX0 (9:00:49 PM): how was dinner?
Funnel 101 (9:00:51 PM): good
Funnel 101 (9:01:15 PM): he's still here, actually... we went to visit bob and graham after dinner, which was nice
StrykerX0 (9:01:32 PM): ah. tell 'im jas wants the aspi stuff for winmx
Funnel 101 (9:01:50 PM): he said, "yeah"
Funnel 101 (9:02:05 PM): and that he'll send it to him
Funnel 101 (9:13:37 PM): you mad?
StrykerX0 (9:14:46 PM): i'll talk to you later when you're done, playing castlevania atm
Funnel 101 (9:14:53 PM): ok
Funnel 101 (9:23:30 PM): he left
StrykerX0 (9:24:04 PM): do.... how does 3.5 hrs constitute 'not spending much time out w/ martin' ?
Funnel 101 (9:25:17 PM): it doesn't... we were at bob and graham's for longer than i expected
StrykerX0 (9:26:21 PM): going out w/ someone else with whom you share mutual crushes against your bf's wishes is grounds for breakup in my mind. i'm not breaking up with you now, but don't pull this shit again ok?
StrykerX0 (9:26:57 PM): i asked you earlier not to spend any time alone w/ him & you went anyway... and then left me wondering wtf you were doing for over 3 hours.
Funnel 101 (9:27:06 PM): i'm sorry
StrykerX0 (9:27:39 PM): i'm not jealous or angry, i'm just wondering what the hell you're thinking. i've asked you repeatedly to ignore him and this is just ridiculous
StrykerX0 (9:27:56 PM): i should just start going out w/ megh again if that shit's admissable
Funnel 101 (9:29:03 PM): i can explain, if you want.
StrykerX0 (9:29:07 PM): do tell
Funnel 101 (9:29:25 PM): went to dinner, our food didn't even arrive until 7ish
Funnel 101 (9:29:48 PM): decided around 7:15 that i wasn't going to go to seminar, but wanted to avoid coming back to campus when i could be seen as obviously skipping
Funnel 101 (9:29:56 PM): so we went to bob and graham's to kill some time
Funnel 101 (9:30:12 PM): and we ended up being there for about an hour
StrykerX0 (9:30:14 PM): so.. you skipped school, which you're already behind in, to spend time with martin. what the fuck were you thinking?
StrykerX0 (9:30:44 PM): now pursuing crushes against my wishes is more important than school? why don't you just drop out now and move in with loser& co?
Funnel 101 (9:31:19 PM): look, my thinking was that i'm exhausted, and wanted to get to bed early
StrykerX0 (9:31:55 PM): if going out late w/ mart is so therapeutic when you're tired, by all means do it nightly
Funnel 101 (9:32:50 PM): i'd rather not.
StrykerX0 (9:33:44 PM): well i'm tired of you doing stupid stuff to make yourself more tired, miss classes, and spend time w/ martin. you're not taking care of yourself very well, and you're abusing your body and using it to skip classes.
StrykerX0 (9:34:30 PM): if you skip seminar 'cause you don't feel up to going, you should rest or sleep. not go out w/ martin for hours. that's misusing your education and physical disability.
Funnel 101 (9:34:47 PM): i'm not going to give my tutors any excuse for missing seminar tonight
Funnel 101 (9:35:08 PM): i was planning on being back on campus around 8:30
StrykerX0 (9:35:11 PM): points for honesty, but you're still in the red from stupidity.
Funnel 101 (9:35:24 PM): i didn't want to be rude to bob and graham
StrykerX0 (9:35:29 PM): yeah, well you're the one in control, so it's your fault. martin would do whatever you said and you know it.
Funnel 101 (9:35:42 PM): yes, and that's why i told him to leave
Funnel 101 (9:36:43 PM): i'm not saying you don't have a right to be angry... but i've said i'm sorry, and it's not going to happen again.
StrykerX0 (9:37:05 PM): this is the last time you encourage martin by spending time alone w/ him by design in any way, 'cause it's the last time it'll matter with us. ok?
Funnel 101 (9:37:38 PM): *nods*
StrykerX0 (9:37:38 PM): you aren't acting like you take this relationship very seriously
Funnel 101 (9:38:22 PM): i'm sorry
StrykerX0 (9:38:30 PM): several female friends have told me to break up with you. but i don't want to....
Funnel 101 (9:39:02 PM): i don't want you to, either
StrykerX0 (9:39:20 PM): *sigh* just be glad i don't get angry and too emotionally irrational, or we'd be broken up right now
StrykerX0 (9:40:06 PM): and don't whine about your work at all to me. if you have time enough to waste several hours pissing me off, then you must have plenty to get your work done
Funnel 101 (9:41:41 PM): *sighs* i'm sorry, rob
StrykerX0 (9:42:02 PM): did you not think i'd be upset?