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On Life

We rush everywhere, striving to find meaning in our life, and then we die. Some never find their meaning, and fade away listlessly into depression. Others will prove incapable of handling the adventure that is life, and rush to embrace oblivion. Still others will trudge wearily through every day of their existence never bothering to contemplate its meaning, lest they fall into depression with the uselessness of it all. Only those who continue to search for their meaning to life are truly alive. Should they eventually find their meaning, they will be truly happy and have the greatest reward.

Life is what we make of it, yet its chaotic spirals are completely beyond our control. It is a paradox which defies explanation as the duality of its nature bends our logic first one way and then the other. Do we shape life, or does it shape us? If we answer the first is it merely from a base need to believe that we have some power over our destiny? If we answer the second is it because we have submitted ourselves to our fate and no longer claim any control? I believe the true path we should follow is a balance of the two extremes. We must understand that life will serve us whatever dish it will, but we must follow our own intuition in how we face each course. No situation is ever hopeless unless we make it so.


© 2002 Robert H. Harrison