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Assorted Thoughts


I like daydreams that fade away, leaving with you the excitement they held without consciously knowing why. I like wandering alone in a place usually full of people, when the scenery is so beautiful it unnatural like a well-rendered computer game. I like sitting in the dark alone, listening to music and using my computer, silently typing my thoughts to other people. I like losing myself in a book, switching my reality for the author's, as characters live and excitement surges and recedes, finally concluding and becoming part of myself. I like music that touches me inside, making me remember and feel.

My greatest fear is that there is nothing unique that may be identified clearly as me. Perhaps I mold myself into what others want to see as the situation arises? Then suddenly I will say something that carries in it my own flavor, my view of life, containing wit, cynicism, and other qualities amiable to myself. Then I recognize that there is a me who I am slowly beginning to discover.

There is no pleasant symmetry in life aside from new electronics or a women's profile.

Women were created by God to test the masculine mentality and durability.

We are beer. Prepare to be inebriated.

It is impossible to plot the path of destiny before it has run its course.


© 2002 Robert H. Harrison