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Fucked Up Generation


We're not ok. It's not going to be alright. We're the fucked up generation. Not maladjusted, not a little kooky, not messed up, not screwed up, but fucked up. Our parents have no clue how to raise children. Our grandparents failed miserably in communicating how to form and maintain a family. They're childish, selfish, self-righteous folks who cannot understand what the problem is with us. They cannot cope with us or speak to us on our level. We must water down our beliefs and select our words carefully when dealing with them. They hide in their rules and regulations, laid down without logic and supported heartily by their small approved cluster of friends.

They feel ill at ease at times with us, when we allow our personalities to show. We will be the casualties of this war. We hang in the balance, just this side of depression as we struggle to maintain our self esteem. Our peers do not threaten us and our well-being, our parents have taken over the job. Constant moral battles rage inside of us, pitting our values and logic against the illogical chaos of religion-based rules that have been instilled into us. Our fight is not just against our parents, but the programming which they have planted deep inside of us. Are we to trust our logic and beliefs or our parents view of us?

Fearing our intelligence and open minds, they press us into their aging moral molds. They cannot defend or even consider debating their beliefs. Rules of conduct covering every possible situation have been set in stone long ago by an admired leader of theirs. We cannot hope to impress them with the motivation to think for themselves. They are sheep who have found human shepherds and need never think again, only accept without question and pass down the conformity to their children. We are an anomaly, an inexplicable phenomena and must be suppressed.

How have the roles become so reversed? Why must we deal with burdens well beyond our years and grow old before our time? Are our parents so blind that they cannot see what they do to us? Why must we be expected to capitulate and be treated as rebels without causes when we do not? Do we deserve to be held hostage in our own families and forced to maintain the status quo in outward family appearances? Do they really expect us to find the perfect spouse, marry, and bear children into the next repetition of the cycle without hope for change? Do they know what they have done to us and continue to do?