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Companions of God

Why did God create us the way that we are? Humanity certainly could use quite a few alterations if the final goal was perfection. And for that matter, why humans and not the angels? Were not the angels sufficient for the goal God had in mind? Much of how we picture angels comes from human imagination and not from the Bible. To my understanding it is nowhere mentioned that angels have two wings, harps, and can "fly" or are effected by our gravity in any way. What are angels really like and why could they not serve the purpose of humanity? What is the purpose of humanity anyway?

Angels would seem to be perfect judging by many of the accounts of them in the Old and New Testaments. They appear carrying out God's Will in dealing with the humans. They are messengers of God, carrying His Will out to humans instead of Him having to appear directly. However we cannot forget the most feared former angel, Lucifer, who became Satan. There was a mighty war in Heaven, as a third of the angelic host were thrown out, those who had sided with Lucifer. Lucifer's sin against God was his love of himself, and seeking others to worship him instead of God. He was God's choir director of angels, who sang together in praising Him. How does this discussion of angels tie in with the original question?

If angels seem to carry many of the same traits as humans, why are humans necessary? Judging by the simple messages of angels and their lack of personality, one would think we are more entertaining. However this is most likely a slightly biased opinion, given by a human. We also suffer from a certain lack of information, judging by the few angels ever to have appeared on Letterman. Angels seem to exist as a link between God and Man. We are not holy enough to be in His presence or exist with Him giving Him praise in this lifetime. Were the angels human in a previous life? Many think of angels as what we will become after death, but there is also no biblical backing for this position to my knowledge.

Satan and his fallen angels, or demons, and God and His angels battle over human souls. Why are we so important to both sides? There are many questions over God's choice of companions He created. I say companions because in the beginning there was God. No one else. Why did he make us and them?

Copyright 2000 Rob Harrison